Main Differences between Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis and Weight Loss Surgery

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Virtual Gastric Band hypnosis is a noninvasive method used for boosting the internal processes responsible for burning fats and accelerating weight loss. Addressing the subconscious mind of the patient, hypnotherapy is completely noninvasive, involves no pain or physical discomfort and it’s less costly than weight loss surgery. Although both these methods target the same issue – excessive kilos, there are several differences between them, which have to be seriously analyzed before opting for one of these alternatives.

Virtual Gastric Band – Weight Loss Using Hypnosis.

Virtual Gastric Band hypnosis is used instead of surgical procedures in patients struggling to lose weight and failing in obtaining the desired results through diet and physical exercises alone. This technique has some points in common with the surgical banding procedure:

• Both the hypnotic procedure and medical banding aim to help the patient eat less by inducing a sensation of fullness, but while the surgical procedure does this by restricting the actual size of the stomach, hypnosis uses only the power of the subconscious mind.

• Both methods require willingness and perseverance from the patient, as without motivation, diet and lifestyle changes can fail.

These are the two similarities as seen by Melbourne Hypnotherapy specialist Lisa Andrews. But let us take a look at the differences as well, as these are the ones analyzed by patients before deciding which procedure to choose.

How is Virtual Gastric Band hypnosis different from surgery?

The main difference between these two treatment methods refers to their invasive character. While the surgical technique involves introducing a tiny band inside the patient’s abdomen to reduce the stomach’s size, the hypnotic technique is completely non-invasive as no incisions are made.

Then, the classic procedure is more expensive than the alternative one and it’s usually followed by a long recovery period, depending on the patient’s health state. In hypnotherapy the patient can return to work after each treatment session, so his or her professional life is not affected.

Hypnosis improves the subject’s confidence and self-esteem from the first session, even if physical results aren’t yet visible, but surgery often triggers depression due to all the pain, discomfort and scars resulting from the intervention.

And last, the virtual gastric band brings all the surgery’s benefits but without its side effects or potential adverse reactions! So if you’re interested in losing excess weight without exposing yourself to complications, this method is definitely the best for you.

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