Spiritual Regression

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We experience all aspects of ourselves as a soul having a human experience.  By accessing our deepest wisdom we come to understand why we have birthed at this time, our purpose, and how to integrate the light of our souls into our physical reality.” – Lisa


Spiritual Regression is an extension of Past Life Regression and is the next step on the spiritual journey for those who are seeking a deeper understanding of their own immortality and to discover their soul’s purpose.  Through a carefully monitored, deep trance state of hypnosis, you are guided on a journey through your last incarnation, and into the soul state.  In this state you have the ability to access information about life and the afterlife and gain a deep understanding into the immortal nature of your Soul.  Spiritual Regression gives you the opportunity to find out about who you are and to activate the miracle of your innate abilities so that you can experience a true spiritual awakening.


Spiritual Regression is an incredibly therapeutic and empowering experience.  To truly awaken to the wisdom of your Soul is precious and profound because we gain a ‘knowing’ that connects us to All That Is and to the realm of possibility.  Being part of the broader experience, you begin to see the world through the expanded eyes of your eternal self.  By experiencing the true nature of your relationship with the universe, your life purpose and the special gifts that you have been given to achieve it becomes yours.


During the session you are guided through a series of regressions:

  • Early childhood memories
  • Experiences in the womb
  • A past life experience and death experience
  • A journey to the place in-between the worlds where spirit goes before each incarnation


Spiritual Regression is a life changing exploration about your life as a Soul.  It is also an opportunity to discover your soul group, your Spirit Guides and “elders” or Wise Ones who assist in the evaluation of your decision to come to Earth.  During your regression you can receive answers to life’s most difficult and challenging questions – Why am I here? What is my soul purpose? What is the unique purpose of my current life?  These questions and many others can be answered through the experience of a Spiritual Regression.


Understand life with renewed energy enriched with valuable insight and develop a deeper appreciation to living your life with purpose and meaning.  Spiritual Regression is a precious opportunity for spiritual growth and a transformational journey that is deep and lasting.


These inner journeys will enable you to live your life more consciously and purposefully than before.  The session lasts about four hours, during which you will experience expanded consciousness and a profound sense of personal enlightenment into the light-filled fascinating world of your immortal soul.



“I have just experienced a Spiritual Regression with Lisa, and I feel compelled to share my amazing experience.  Words can’t describe how it felt to access the spirit world and meet my guides and spiritual teachers.  I felt a deep resonance of inner peace which evoked feelings of coming back home.  The information I received gave me complete clarity about my purpose, my relationships, and who I truly am, and deepened my connection with the divine – Spirit – and the cosmos.  This experience had a very profound effect on me that has been life changing.  I cannot recommend Lisa highly enough as your guide through this process.  She is an intelligent, caring, highly intuitive woman who has a real passion for what she does and great compassion for her clients”.  - Karin



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Lisa is professional, honest and compassionate with her clients. She has great wisdom and I consider her to be my angel. This Earth Angel is a bright beacon of Light who can show you the way to your own path of joy, happiness and fulfilment.



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