ISET (Integrated Self Empowerment Therapy)

ISET (Integrated Self Empowerment Therapy) is a safe and effective method of helping people change the way they behave, feel, think and respond to life’s experiences.


ISETs ‘big picture’ philosophy allows its principles to be adopted for any situation where a change in personal belief is required for health and well being. It is precisely because it works at the unconscious level that its methods can be utilised regardless of whether the disharmony and disease is of a physical, behavioural, emotional or spiritual nature.


Through the conscious use of symbolic metaphors we can access the same communication methodology that the unconscious mind uses through dreams.


When we use symbolic metaphors to represent the belief system, the client can not only see, and therefore better understand in what way the belief is dis-empowering them, but can also use the same metaphor to change the negative belief system permanently.


The strength of ISET is that the power of change is in the hands of the client. The therapist facilitates how the metaphors are structured but the process of transformation is created and achieved by the client. Because the client is actively involved in the healing process, the outcome is more likely to be sustained because the client, not the therapist, has challenged the underlying belief system.


ISET is holistic and to simplify its inclusive approach it:

  • Utilises the skills of semantics and suggestion in an altered state of consciousness
  • Accepts the importance of experiential conditioning, culture and spiritual influences of transpersonal psychology
  • Understands the identification and recognition of behaviour’s connection to belief of cognitive behaviour therapy
  • Applies the meaning-making ideas of constructivism
  • Draws on the effectiveness of disassociation proposed by Jungian dream metaphors, gestalt dialogue and psychodrama role playing
  • Capitalises on the dynamics of the visual influence and energy of colour


ISET Session

A typical ISET session initially involves exploring, through counselling, the underlying belief system that is operating in a negative way in the client’s life. This could be behavioural problems, emotional trauma, physical disease or fears and phobias. The uncovered belief system then forms the contract for the session.


We are not always aware of what beliefs we are holding at an unconscious level, however all behaviour, thoughts and feelings have their origins in a belief or truth. We do not live in a vacuum so therefore have to view our world from a perspective. That is influenced by our self truths and beliefs.


The Process

The ISET practitioner guides the client into a relaxed state where the belief system, and the age that it became the truth are confirmed through a self image.


From this point to the end of the session the client is guided to visualise specific symbolic metaphors in such a way that the unconscious mind has the freedom to create the image that reflects its truth and reality.


The client is able to identify the degree to which the negative belief is interfering with their well-being by understanding what unconscious truth the specific metaphoric image is conveying. This understanding is assisted by the therapist. The client is then guided to work with the image to transform or remove the negative belief. Colour, as a therapeutic tool, plays an important part in the transformation process with dynamic results.


ISETs philosophy allows its principles to be adopted for any situation where a change in personal belief is required for health and well being.  The changes achieved with ISET are often brought about instantly.


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