….WOW that was the easiest 5 kilos I have ever lost and I wasn’t even dieting! I never felt deprived of a thing. The weight just fell off. I am now fitting into my jeans which I have not worn for years. I actually want to go for walks and I am drinking more water and eating healthier foods. I have even joined a gym. Everyone has noticed the differences in me and all have said it is the best I have looked in years. Thank you Lisa for helping me take back control of my life. I am truly grateful. – Valerie



Lisa has given me far more than I expected. In every session, Lisa was completely focused on my needs and provided me with a programme that was tailored specifically to my needs. She listened with full attention and applied the most effective hypnotherapy techniques to relieve me of my problem. My sessions with Lisa have been one of the most empowering experiences of my life. When we first started working together I was stuck in many destructive patterns and my life was spiralling out of control. Within just a few sessions everything started to change. I have regained control of my life and now understand that I have choices. For the first time in years I can look forward to the future. Thank you for giving me my life back! – Elizabeth



I would like to say how amazing the Virtual Gastric Banding is. I gained weight over the winter and even while going to the Gym, I was unable to lose the kilos. After having done the VGB with Lisa, I lost 6 kilo’s in 5 weeks easily and naturally. I have a sweet tooth and not even chocolate could tempt me. I am eating three small meals a day, I don’t snack, and I even down sized my coffee! I am still losing weight, and I don’t even have to try. I recommend this to everyone who wants to lose weight, it is so easy. It’s not a diet. I can still eat everything I ate before except I just can’t finish it. Thank you Lisa! – Christina



Lisa is professional, honest and compassionate with her clients. She has great wisdom and I consider her to be my angel. This Earth Angel is a bright beacon of Light who can show you the way to your own path of joy, happiness and fulfilment. – Helen



I just wanted to thank you for your time yesterday in performing the Gastric Banding hypnotherapy. Even though this was my first session, something truly wonderful has happened today… A turnaround from my compulsive eating… even though I have thought I was hungry or peckish, and thinking of food favourites, I did not even have the urge to go and eat! I never thought your Gastric Banding hypnotherapy session would have such an immediate effect. – Alan



I tried to stop smoking many times over the years with varying success. I found Lisa’s hypnosis to be the only practical way to long term success. She helped me break the cycle and consider whether I really needed to smoke when I felt the craving. I was really surprised that after the first session I actually felt in control of my cravings. I reduced my smoking from a packet a day to 5 cigarettes in a week. I had three sessions with Lisa, and I can honestly say that I am now a non smoker. I found the sessions both relaxing and uplifting. As well as becoming a non smoker I also lost fears and anxieties. Plus, I gained the confidence to make other positive changes in my life. I would recommend Lisa to anyone that wants to quit smoking. – James



Lisa was extremely professional in her approach but very friendly and warm and instantly put me at ease. She explored my presenting issue carefully and asked questions to determine what the main focus should be whilst helping me understand the negative patterns of behaviour I was stuck in. I felt completely supported and comfortable during the entire process and I can honestly say that I am now a more confident, happier and calmer person. – Jenny



Thank you again and again, and I am grateful to you. Thank you so much for all your insight, love and advice in my situation. I am humbled by your care and time and your genuine thoughts and honesty. I am grateful and very appreciative of all that you’ve done for me. Your guidance and caring nature has been invaluable and I appreciate all the help you have given me at such a difficult time of my life. – Carol



Hi Lisa, I walked away today feeling great like I always do once I’ve been to see you. The last year in particular has been a really difficult time where I have been really confused about what is going on and why I can’t think straight! The great news is I can finally see my way out of it. I want to thank you for the kindness and caring you have shown me. I also really appreciate your honesty by not just telling me what I want to hear but telling me how things really are! Not many people have the strength to do that. – Sam



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Lisa is professional, honest and compassionate with her clients. She has great wisdom and I consider her to be my angel. This Earth Angel is a bright beacon of Light who can show you the way to your own path of joy, happiness and fulfilment.



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