How Does The Hypno Band Procedure Feel Like?

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A virtual gastric band makes use of your motivation, determination and will power to drastically change your eating habits by inducing you the subconscious idea that you had a lap band fitted around your stomach and you no longer need to eat as much as you used to.

The virtual gastric band procedure uses both hypnotherapy and psychotherapy to convince your subconscious mind the surgery actually took place therefore your stomach’s size was considerably reduced. Based on this idea, your mind starts sending signals saying your stomach is already full after eating smaller portions than you generally do. As the sensation of fullness appears, cravings disappear so this technique helps you achieve a better control on your appetite and improve your weight management skills.

But now the question arises: why is this procedure called virtual gastric band? Is it really similar to the surgical intervention during which a lap band is placed inside the patient’s abdomen?

How does the virtual gastric band feel like?

The gastric band virtually fitted during the therapy session acts just like a real lap-band placed around the stomach. After the first meeting with your hypnotherapist, during which you’re induced the idea real surgery took place, your subconscious mind is totally convinced your stomach’s size is reduced thus it starts acting accordingly.

All the feelings experienced by people undergoing real gastric banding procedures appear in those treated through weight loss hypnosis, excepting the discomfort and pain following the surgical intervention. The sensation of a constricted stomach is generated by the unconscious mind, which squeezes the walls of your stomach making it tighter and smaller. A tiny food pouch is created in the upper part of your stomach, foods reaching there before moving into the actual stomach; this way the hunger sensation disappears earlier during the eating process.

While gastric surgery and virtual gastric band are both able to bring impressive results, the latter involves no pain, no scars and painful wounds, no complications, immediate changes in appetite and physical appearance, smaller costs and an enhanced self-confidence.

Main Differences between Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis and Weight Loss Surgery

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Virtual Gastric Band hypnosis is a noninvasive method used for boosting the internal processes responsible for burning fats and accelerating weight loss. Addressing the subconscious mind of the patient, hypnotherapy is completely noninvasive, involves no pain or physical discomfort and it’s less costly than weight loss surgery. Although both these methods target the same issue – excessive kilos, there are several differences between them, which have to be seriously analyzed before opting for one of these alternatives.

Virtual Gastric Band – Weight Loss Using Hypnosis.

Virtual Gastric Band hypnosis is used instead of surgical procedures in patients struggling to lose weight and failing in obtaining the desired results through diet and physical exercises alone. This technique has some points in common with the surgical banding procedure:

• Both the hypnotic procedure and medical banding aim to help the patient eat less by inducing a sensation of fullness, but while the surgical procedure does this by restricting the actual size of the stomach, hypnosis uses only the power of the subconscious mind.

• Both methods require willingness and perseverance from the patient, as without motivation, diet and lifestyle changes can fail.

These are the two similarities as seen by Melbourne Hypnotherapy specialist Lisa Andrews. But let us take a look at the differences as well, as these are the ones analyzed by patients before deciding which procedure to choose.

How is Virtual Gastric Band hypnosis different from surgery?

The main difference between these two treatment methods refers to their invasive character. While the surgical technique involves introducing a tiny band inside the patient’s abdomen to reduce the stomach’s size, the hypnotic technique is completely non-invasive as no incisions are made.

Then, the classic procedure is more expensive than the alternative one and it’s usually followed by a long recovery period, depending on the patient’s health state. In hypnotherapy the patient can return to work after each treatment session, so his or her professional life is not affected.

Hypnosis improves the subject’s confidence and self-esteem from the first session, even if physical results aren’t yet visible, but surgery often triggers depression due to all the pain, discomfort and scars resulting from the intervention.

And last, the virtual gastric band brings all the surgery’s benefits but without its side effects or potential adverse reactions! So if you’re interested in losing excess weight without exposing yourself to complications, this method is definitely the best for you.

Melbourne Hypnotherapy

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melbourne image 300x202 Melbourne HypnotherapyMelbourne hypnotherapy is one of the best practices today to work with one’s inner issues where a professional and certified hypnotherapist will conduct hypnotherapy to work with the client’s feelings and emotions. There are numerous ways to generate positive results and workable outcomes using this approach and one of them is through hypnosis. It is a method of behavioural therapy that works by communicating with the subconscious mind. It is a safe method that is conducted in a private clinic where all information gathered is kept with a high level of confidentiality.


The first hypnotherapy session is usually spent in gathering important data that will be used by both the client and hypnotherapist in coming up with a workable plan. This is the time where the client is supposed to discuss all issues and concerns, which will be the basis for the hypnotherapy program. The hypnotherapist, on the other hand, will give the client a bird’s eye view of the entire program where options will be discussed. The hypnotherapist will also illustrate what is to take place during the hypnosis sessions and what to expect during the procedure.


The role of both the client and the hypnotherapist are equally important because hypnotherapy requires active participation from both parties if it is to be successful. Their combined inputs and evaluation will determine the next steps to take and objectives to be met. Most importantly, this is done in an environment of trust and respect for privacy.


It is also important that a client should understand that the success rate of the program is not the sole accountability of the hypnotherapist, because the responsibility also depends with the client’s involvement and commitment to succeed with the program. To achieve success, therefore, it is vital for the client to practice transparency in all areas of concern and for the hypnotherapist to display the highest level of integrity and professionalism.

Hypnotherapy Elsternwick Helps Combat Obesity.

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Obesity is a growing problem world wide, with many admitting very little when it comes to quality nutritional advice. Some over weight and obese people, simply have no idea of the quantities of food they need to be consuming, some have no idea what carbs, protein and sadly even what processed foods consist, do or in fact don’t do for your body.

The sad reality is we need to educate people on good healthy choices that are right for them. No it doesn’t mean we all need to be super models, however we do need to know enough to give us the energy and nutrition to maintain a healthy life style.

Hypnotherapy Melbourne has some remarkable therapists which include the Hypnotherapy Elsternwick therapy centre that is well known by many clients as the place to go for the Virtual Gastric Band procedure that is helping many people, who might normally have considered the surgical process in their bid to lose weight and give them a chance to lead a healthy life.

The excellent part of this procedure is that it actually works with the body and the mind in a natural environment to get the person believing that there is hope and that there is also help, that they are not alone and that it can be done, they can get to a healthy weight, without the need for drastic surgery.

With the Virtual Gastric Band, you do not have the need to vitamize your food, and the therapist speaks directly to you subconscious mind, making a variety of positive suggestions that in turn sends more positive messages to your conscious mind, so that you make wiser choices and decisions when it comes to the food you consume.

The power of suggestion, combined with hypnosis is one of the many reasons why this program provides a systematic approach and long term change and education for the masses who are affected by the epidemic throughout the western world from lack of knowledge and education.

Hypnotherapy: Elsternwick

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Brings You to Awareness

Everyone’s got a quirk – it could be an unusual habit, or an issue that dominates a considerable part of your life. Yours could be biting your nails during times of stress, or worrying about touching doorknobs in public places. You may have trouble sleeping if the clothes in your closet are not organized by colour.

You may also have certain health or personality issues that are not so uncommon, like symptoms of an eating disorder, difficulty with public speaking, or inability to concentrate when you need to. At one point or another in one’s life, we have experienced conditions such as these which inhibit us in certain ways. The quality of life would certainly be improved if these conditions were properly addressed and managed.

Now imagine waking up to a whole new you. You open your eyes, and the fear or the phobia that has controlled your consciousness for most of your life has become nothing but a vague memory. The chronic pain you may be feeling for some time has gone away. The stress that normally caused you to dread going to work has faded. You no longer feel that every meal, every trip to the supermarket is a battle.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

It’s just like waking up to a whole new life. It is not a dream or a mere fantasy; this is something that you can experience for yourself with the help of hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy Elsternwick has trained professionals ready to introduce you to the process and the benefits of choosing this alternative health option. A person’s subconscious stores his psychological and biological functions—everything from childhood memories to thought patterns to food cravings. With hypnotherapy, the subconscious can be accessed, explored, and significantly transformed with the power of suggestion. This results in corrected or redirected behaviours and a mind that is focused on managing the particular aspect that is being treated with hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy Melbourne offers services from trained health care practitioners seeking to help people control or manage their particular situations. The procedure called Virtual Gastric Band, for example, can help one’s weight loss efforts with the help of hypnotherapy. It involves convincing someone’s subconscious mind that a gastric band has been fitted around their stomach. Because the brain gets the impressions that something is tightly wound around the stomach, a feeling of being full is stimulated even when the person has eaten only a small amount of food. With no diets and no invasive surgical procedures involved, this method of weight loss is gaining popularity among individuals with a goal weight to reach.

Hypnotherapy can be very helpful to individuals who have tried several fad diets and workouts in the past, with no sustainable and remarkable effects. After attending sessions with a licensed hypnotherapist, a patient will be taught relaxation exercises and techniques, and may be given an audio CD to listen to at home to help the patient continue the treatment and observe the effects as time goes by.

Similar types of therapy through suggestion can also work with patients aiming to quit smoking or drinking, or to dispel fears and phobias. Hypnotherapy is an alternative to direct medical procedures and surgeries that would otherwise alter the physical body. Working with the mind and the subconscious, consult your doctor or psychologist and see if hypnotherapy could be the solution that works for you.

Hypnosis during Labor and How it Works

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hypnobirthing 300x84 Hypnosis during Labor and How it WorksHypnotherapy during pregnancy and childbirth is gaining popularity even with the advancement of technology, which can make the childbirth process very quick, easy and pain-free. The process is termed as hypnobirthing.

The birthing process has always been described by medical textbooks as a difficult process that is associated with severe labor pains. Hypnobirthing, however, has changed the traditional principles of the labor process, labor stages and the physical act of childbirth itself.

A certified hypnotherapist teaches you various hypnotherapy methods through the hypnobirthing classes including self hypnosis and various relaxation and breathing techniques during pregnancy until the actual birthing process. The objective of the early brain training technique is to prepare the woman on what to expect during labor and delivery and how she can utilize her strengths to gain control over the process and turn it into a rewarding experience.

The ideal time to start your Hypnobirthing classes is between 26-34 weeks, the expectant mother and her birthing partner work with a hypnotherapist to create an effective plan to learn about the benefits and strengths of deep relaxation, to experience restful sleep during the entire pregnancy, to promote physical comfort during the vast physical changes that will occur, to empower a woman in handling pain and fear during the birthing process and lastly to manage discomforts after delivery.

Hypnosis presents major advantages during labor and delivery, among them include shortened labor time in all four stages of labor, significantly reduced pain sensation and decreased need for pain management. Hypnotherapy also presents valuable benefits for the baby because a calm environment through the use of hypnosis is less stressful for the child due to decreased manipulation.

Hypnobirthing has a similarity to the ancient practice called natural birth in terms of labor without the use of drugs. Although both methods do not use drugs, hypnobirthing is different in terms of physical, emotional and psychological preparation for the woman. This is why it is considered the rebirth of the old natural birth process.

Hypnobirthing also focuses on a woman’s capabilities in terms of gaining control over pain and fear through the utilization of the appropriate birthing methods. Self Hypnosis is taught by the Hypnotherapist to work with the woman in the control of the different muscles of the body to achieve a deep level of relaxation. It is the holistic process of working in harmony with one’s body and mind making a woman empowered in her birthing situation.

The physiologic benefits of hypnobirthing include an increased tolerance to pain evidenced by no-drug use during labor and delivery, increased resistance of the birthing muscles making it more flexible and more adjusted to pain, increased level of energy throughout the birthing process, peaceful environment and decreased occurrence of complications.

Elsternwick Hypnotherapy: Get Treated Now

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iStock white doona 300x225 Elsternwick Hypnotherapy: Get Treated NowThe state of consciousness a person enters when somewhere between sleep and wakefulness, also referred to as the subconscious, is what is appealed to in a process called hypnosis. Hypnotherapy can be utilised to one’s advantage by unlocking the subconscious mind’s different capacities.

When the subconscious is accessed, there is so much that can be explored. Thoughts, memories, and feelings are tapped by hypnotherapy. This could result to the transformation and the reprogramming of behaviours and conditions that are unwanted.

Elsternwick hypnotherapy can often be used to achieve outcomes deemed beneficial to both men and women experiencing different conditions and issues that concern both the mind and the body.

The process is safe for everyone. There are no awful side effects, so there is no cause for concern about this unorthodox approach. It is important to understand what the process is and what it can do for you. With hypnosis, you are fully awake. You are in control and you will recall what goes on during the session. A person who undergoes it wouldn’t get stuck in the state of hypnosis.

It is important for people to realise that during the session, a person is not forced to do anything against his or her will; that is not what hypnotism is all about. You can even talk while undergoing the process. It is a natural state of concentration which promotes relaxation and other beneficial effects in the body.

Suggestion Therapy or Clinical Hypnotherapy is a hypnotherapy approach that a client can undergo. He or she is first guided into a state of relaxation. The hypnotist would then use words to “suggest” to the client’s subconscious, and help that person achieve a positive change.

There are conditions and lifestyle choices that can be helped with a Bayside hypnotherapy session. Problems with sleeping (insomnia), bad lifestyle choices or habits such as smoking, or different fears (fear of flying, for example) could be treated by undergoing the process of suggestion hypnotherapy.

Such a therapy process can even be used for pregnant mothers. If you want to undergo a safe and a comfortable delivery of your child, you might want to find out more about what HypnoBirthing is, and how you can go through it yourself.

The simple programme of self-hypnosis will help a patient learn how to relax–eliminating pain, tension, and fear as she goes through the process of delivering her child as safely and as comfortably as possible. Talk to a specialist now to understand Elsternwick hypnotherapy and how you can take advantage of it.

HypnoBirthing Allows Painless Natural Childbirth

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Giving birth is not something to be feared but a natural expression of life. It is one of the the greatest experiences you will ever know and HypnoBirthing® will make that experience all the more rewarding.

Throughout history there has been an underlying belief surrounding childbirth that has left us holding onto the idea that pain is always associated with childbirth. This stirs up feelings of panic and fear in an expectant mother leading some to resort to epidural and spinal blocks to relieve the pain. As for others, they opt for an elective caesarean section.

This is the reason why HypnoBirthing® is increasingly becoming more popular to expectant mothers. It is a rewarding, relaxing, stress-free process that uses deep relaxation and self-hypnosis to achieve a more comfortable, and, often pain-free childbirth. When a mother is properly prepared for birthing her baby, physically, mentally and spiritually, childbirth can be experienced as a celebration for life.

Most mothers want to experience a painless and natural way of giving birth. Expectant mothers can now prepare to enjoy the experience of labour and delivery with the assistance of Elsternwick Hypnotherapy, Lisa Andrews at Conscious States Hypnotherapy who is one of the leading Bayside Hypnotherapy consultants. By undergoing these sessions prior to child birth, it is possible for women to birth their babies in an easier natural childbirth without the use of pain medications.

Childbirth is a normal, natural and healthy function for women and birthing your baby naturally is the most fulfilling way of giving birth. Research shows that unborn babies are aware and sensitive and are involved in the pregnancy and birth. Natural childbirth promotes special bonding for mother, baby and birthing partner. It also brings about faster recovery and less complications. The process of HypnoBirthing® has improved the way a woman views natural childbirth. More and more women are now embracing natural delivery.

Elsternwick Hypnotherapy and Bayside Hypnotherapy teaches women how to go into self-hypnosis instantly. Once into self-hypnosis, the woman is able to create her own natural anaesthesia whenever she needs it. This is essential because any drugs taken by a woman in labour may cause risk to her or her baby.

HypnoBirthing® allows a woman to have total control over her body while in the process of labour and delivery. As labour progresses, she is able to relax more and have deeper control of herself. Her mind is set to give her what she needs.

HypnoBirthing® gives every pregnant woman the opportunity to enjoy every stage of becoming a mother. It has provided plenty of women the confidence to trust their bodies’ natural ability to give birth with ease and comfort. Hence, the experience of labour and delivery can be defined as a pain-free and joyful event as we welcome baby into the world.

Causes and Treatment Options for Sleep Talking in Children

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Perhaps you have witnessed the phenomenon of sleep talking whereby a person can shout, scream, rant, grunt, and act out their dreams, often violently during their sleep. The experience would have left you wondering if it was for real or if the person was dreaming, and possibly left you feeling afraid of being hurt because of the angry outbursts. This is called sleep talking or in medical terms somniloquy.

Sleep talking is common among children, although, some adults have not outgrown it and so presents the same symptoms of ranting or long speeches during sleep. This phenomenon cannot be accurately explained although some researches state that sleep talking usually occurs at some point during half-asleep stages of non-rapid eye movement sleep (NREM) when the body does not move, but the mind can easily be awakened. It can also occur during rapid-eye movement (REM) when a person has motor functions and, therefore, speaks aloud during sleep.

There are four common conditions associated with sleep talking and they include Rapid Eye Movement Behaviour Disorder (RBD), sleep walking, sleep-related eating disorder or night terrors.

What exactly causes sleep talking is unknown, but studies show that 50% of cases are reported to occur among children. Research also shows that factors affecting sleep talking in adults include the presence of fever, emotional stress, mental disorder, certain medications, use of alcohol and caffeinated drinks, eating and sleeping habits, and too much physical activity. Among children, however, the most common causes of sleep talking are fever, too much physical activity and emotional stress.

Although the causes are various and are unique to each individual there is a method that can work with the subconscious mind when sleep talking occurs, it is called hypnotherapy. Children are usually imaginative and any graphic images, events or sounds they encounter can stay in the subconscious mind and resurface during sleep. If children, therefore, encounter traumatic or frightening experiences they usually dream about it, which makes them sleep talk.

Another effect of terrifying experiences in children is that if they are not immediately given an explanation of the experience, it may define their belief and reality pattern. Hypnotherapy works effectively through maladaptive behaviour patterns brought about by traumatic events through the process of autosuggestion. A hypnotherapist conducts hypnosis to allow these children to process the negative thoughts by allowing them to resurface. Then the hypnotherapist works by suggesting positive thoughts that will replace the negative ones.

Hypnotherapy, therefore, allows elimination of accumulated negative thoughts and emotions that can cause sleep taking among children. It also positively reinforces a child’s self-esteem that can enhance confidence, social skills, emotional intelligence and other coping and behaviour patterns through the process of hypnosis.

Sleep talking in itself does not cause any direct harm for adults but it can cause sleep pattern disturbances that can result in insomnia or a compromised immune system. In children, however, it may pose serious behavioural and psychological conditions that if not worked with appropriately may cause lifelong disabilities.

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