Hypnosis during Labor and How it Works

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hypnobirthing 300x84 Hypnosis during Labor and How it WorksHypnotherapy during pregnancy and childbirth is gaining popularity even with the advancement of technology, which can make the childbirth process very quick, easy and pain-free. The process is termed as hypnobirthing.

The birthing process has always been described by medical textbooks as a difficult process that is associated with severe labor pains. Hypnobirthing, however, has changed the traditional principles of the labor process, labor stages and the physical act of childbirth itself.

A certified hypnotherapist teaches you various hypnotherapy methods through the hypnobirthing classes including self hypnosis and various relaxation and breathing techniques during pregnancy until the actual birthing process. The objective of the early brain training technique is to prepare the woman on what to expect during labor and delivery and how she can utilize her strengths to gain control over the process and turn it into a rewarding experience.

The ideal time to start your Hypnobirthing classes is between 26-34 weeks, the expectant mother and her birthing partner work with a hypnotherapist to create an effective plan to learn about the benefits and strengths of deep relaxation, to experience restful sleep during the entire pregnancy, to promote physical comfort during the vast physical changes that will occur, to empower a woman in handling pain and fear during the birthing process and lastly to manage discomforts after delivery.

Hypnosis presents major advantages during labor and delivery, among them include shortened labor time in all four stages of labor, significantly reduced pain sensation and decreased need for pain management. Hypnotherapy also presents valuable benefits for the baby because a calm environment through the use of hypnosis is less stressful for the child due to decreased manipulation.

Hypnobirthing has a similarity to the ancient practice called natural birth in terms of labor without the use of drugs. Although both methods do not use drugs, hypnobirthing is different in terms of physical, emotional and psychological preparation for the woman. This is why it is considered the rebirth of the old natural birth process.

Hypnobirthing also focuses on a woman’s capabilities in terms of gaining control over pain and fear through the utilization of the appropriate birthing methods. Self Hypnosis is taught by the Hypnotherapist to work with the woman in the control of the different muscles of the body to achieve a deep level of relaxation. It is the holistic process of working in harmony with one’s body and mind making a woman empowered in her birthing situation.

The physiologic benefits of hypnobirthing include an increased tolerance to pain evidenced by no-drug use during labor and delivery, increased resistance of the birthing muscles making it more flexible and more adjusted to pain, increased level of energy throughout the birthing process, peaceful environment and decreased occurrence of complications.

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