How Does The Hypno Band Procedure Feel Like?

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A virtual gastric band makes use of your motivation, determination and will power to drastically change your eating habits by inducing you the subconscious idea that you had a lap band fitted around your stomach and you no longer need to eat as much as you used to.

The virtual gastric band procedure uses both hypnotherapy and psychotherapy to convince your subconscious mind the surgery actually took place therefore your stomach’s size was considerably reduced. Based on this idea, your mind starts sending signals saying your stomach is already full after eating smaller portions than you generally do. As the sensation of fullness appears, cravings disappear so this technique helps you achieve a better control on your appetite and improve your weight management skills.

But now the question arises: why is this procedure called virtual gastric band? Is it really similar to the surgical intervention during which a lap band is placed inside the patient’s abdomen?

How does the virtual gastric band feel like?

The gastric band virtually fitted during the therapy session acts just like a real lap-band placed around the stomach. After the first meeting with your hypnotherapist, during which you’re induced the idea real surgery took place, your subconscious mind is totally convinced your stomach’s size is reduced thus it starts acting accordingly.

All the feelings experienced by people undergoing real gastric banding procedures appear in those treated through weight loss hypnosis, excepting the discomfort and pain following the surgical intervention. The sensation of a constricted stomach is generated by the unconscious mind, which squeezes the walls of your stomach making it tighter and smaller. A tiny food pouch is created in the upper part of your stomach, foods reaching there before moving into the actual stomach; this way the hunger sensation disappears earlier during the eating process.

While gastric surgery and virtual gastric band are both able to bring impressive results, the latter involves no pain, no scars and painful wounds, no complications, immediate changes in appetite and physical appearance, smaller costs and an enhanced self-confidence.

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