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Cigarettes have killed more people in the twentieth century than in all the wars and conflicts in the world.  In this country alone an average of 15,000 people die each year from a smoking related illness.


The day that you give up smoking will rate as one of the most significant days of your life.  Once you make the decision to stop smoking, you will have already gone through the hardest part of quitting.  Hypnotherapy is one of the most successful and easiest ways to give up the smoking habit.  In fact, you will find you can stop smoking in three one hour hypnosis sessions or less.


The fact that you are here is a good indication that you want to stop smoking.


Each time you inhale cigarette smoke into your lungs you introduce into your body a myriad of poisonous and noxious compounds.  Each cigarette contains a cocktail of chemicals which include cyanide, arsenic, carbon monoxide, prussic acid, benzo-pyrene and ammonia, and then the chemical fertilisers and insecticides that were sprayed onto the tobacco crops.  Not to mention tar and Nicotine. Did you know that nicotine is one of the most poisonous substances known to man?  The nicotine extracted from one cigarette, if injected directly into a vein, will kill you in seconds.  It is enough to kill a horse.


Every cigarette that you smoke will rob you of up to six minutes of life expectancy.  A fifty year old smoker is as old physically as a seventy year old non-smoker.  Such are the effects of poisoning your body day in, day out.


Hypnotherapy has a proven track record as a very effective way of becoming a non-smoker.  If you really want to become a non-smoker, then hypnosis can help you kick the habit, NOW.


10 Reasons People Want to Quit

  • LIVING longer
  • Becoming HEALTHIER
  • Save MONEY
  • FRESH breath
  • Increased SELF ESTEEM
  • ENJOY good health
  • Enhanced QUALITY of life
  • More ENERGY
  • Regain CONTROL of your life
  • Improve you REPRODUCTIVE health


The benefits of stopping smoking

  • Within twenty minutes:  Your blood pressure, pulse rate and temperature of your hands and feet regulate.
  • Within eight hours: Oxygen levels in your blood increases to normal.
  • Within twenty four hours: Your chance of have a heart attack already decreases.
  • Within forty eight hours: Sense of smell and taste improve.
  • Within seventy two hours: Your bronchial tubes begin to relax and you can breathe more easily.
  • Within two weeks to three months: Your circulation improves, exercise becomes easier and
    your lung function increases by up to 30%.
  • Within one month to nine months: Coughing, sinus congestion, fatigue and shortness of breath continue to decrease and your overall level of energy increases.
  • At five years: The risk of heart attack falls to about half that of a smoker.
  • At ten years: The lung cancer death rate for the average smoker drops to twelve deaths per 10,000, almost the rate of non-smokers.  Other cancers, such as those of the mouth, larynx, oesophagus, bladder, kidneys and pancreas also decrease.  Pre-cancerous cells are replaced.


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