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Hypnosis for Insomnia and Better Sleep

Can’t sleep at night? Do you spend the night tossing and turning but can never get the deep sleep needed for a healthy life? Long-term lack of sleep will affect your memory and judgment, reduce your ability to learn new things or accomplish everyday functions, cause weight gain, anxiety, and psychological disorders and, most importantly, diminish your ability to fight off illness and disease.  Hypnosis can help to restore your natural ability to sleep a continuous sleep, where your body is replenished in that restful state, filling you with life force energy calmly and peacefully, naturally asleep.   Get better sleep at night and enjoy more health and vitality, by calling us TODAY!


Treating Insomnia with Hypnotherapy

There are two types of Insomnia: Primary Insomnia where you can’t fall asleep and Secondary Insomnia where you keep waking up during the night. Many people suffer from both.


Primary Insomnia is often associated with depression (even mild depression). Symptoms include waking up early in the morning, usually around 5am or 6am; with an inability to return to sleep; decreased energy early in the day with improvement later on; and may also include loss of appetite and feelings of depression or feeling “blue”. Analytical and Clinical Hypnotherapy are used to identify and correct the underlying cause of the insomnia.


Secondary Insomnia is much more common and is usually associated with situational anxiety and menopause. Symptoms include difficulty falling asleep, a feeling of one’s mind “racing” prior to sleep, disturbed sleep, and awakening during the night. This type of insomnia is usually periodic, in response to life situations, and is seldom chronic.


Hypnotherapy techniques including visual imagery, reframing, direct and indirect suggestion, metaphor and relaxation are used to help you “disassociate” from the day’s activities and then teach you new ways to prepare for and enjoy a restful night’s sleep.


Hypnotherapy is very effective in treating insomnia with dramatic results often seen after only one session. The treatment offered at Conscious States Hypnotherapy includes a personalized treatment plan, instruction in Self Hypnosis for reinforcement, and usually requires only 1-3 sessions.


Stop suffering needlessly.  Insomnia is easily treated. The sooner you begin treatment, the sooner you’ll be enjoying a restful night’s sleep every night!

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