Confidence & Self Esteem

Confidence Conscious States 300x199 Confidence & Self Esteem

“Each time we face our fear, we gain strength,

courage, and confidence in the doing.” – Theodore Roosevelt


The causes of low confidence or self esteem can be caused by many things.  Somewhere in childhood – your parents may have been too critical, or a teacher may have embarrassed you in front of the class.  A bad relationship in adulthood or perhaps bullying in the workplace leading to low self worth and low self esteem.  Feelings of not been good enough, negative self talk, past negative experiences, poor self image, putting yourself down with negative and limiting beliefs can all affect your confidence and self esteem and prevent you from moving forward and achieving your full potential.


How we feel and think about ourselves is based on our thoughts, values and beliefs.  Our thoughts create our reality so it’s our perception of what happens to us that makes the difference.  Our subconscious mind absorbs the negative messages we accept as true, and then functions out of this belief system.  If we continue to tell ourselves that we’re ‘not good enough’, or criticize ourselves of anything we do, then how can we expect to have a healthy self esteem and strong self confidence.


Hypnotherapy can help resolve any self-limiting beliefs that may have affected your current way of thinking.  By addressing the underlying causes, build new behaviours, transform beliefs, shift your focus and build new empowering beliefs about yourself and your abilities, you can feel good, motivated and positive about yourself.  Hypnotherapy can enhance your confidence and self esteem to enjoy life and be the best you can be.  After all you were born to be happy!

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