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What is Hypnotherapy?


Somewhere between wakefulness and sleep is the state of consciousness where we experience hypnosis.  This trance like state is similar to the one that occurs spontaneously in daydreaming, dropping off to sleep at night, or when simply absorbed in a good book or film.  Hypnotherapy utilises this naturally occurring state to unlock the capacity of the subconscious mind to bring about beneficial and therapeutic changes.  Our subconscious mind is like a vast storehouse; it stores all of our psychological and physiological functions of the mind and body, from our blood circulation, breathing, and states of hunger, to the sum of what we have learned and experienced in life (good and bad).  By accessing the subconscious we can explore thoughts, feelings and memories so as to make it possible to work through and transform those states and re-program unwanted patterns of behaviour.  Conscious States Hypnotherapy utilises the power of hypnosis within a solid counselling framework to provide you with a hypnotherapeutic approach for creating successful outcomes and relieve a whole variety of conditions.  It is completely natural and safe, with no side effects.


REAL facts about Hypnotherapy

  • In hypnosis you are always fully AWAKE
  • Hypnosis is wonderfully RELAXING
  • You are always IN CONTROL
  • EVERYBODY can be hypnotised into a light relaxing state
  • You will REMEMBER everything about the session
  • You will NEVER get stuck in hypnosis
  • You can NOT be forced to do anything against your will
  • You can TALK while in hypnosis
  • You will NOT lose awareness or free will
  • Hypnosis is a totally NATURAL state of concentration and relaxation
  • You WON’T fall asleep!


Suggestion Therapy (Clinical Hypnotherapy)


Suggestion Therapy is a relaxing and gentle approach to hypnotherapy, where the client is guided into a calm relaxed state and carefully worded ‘suggestions’ are delivered to the subconscious to help the person bring about a positive change.  Smoking, Insomnia, Public Speaking or Fear of Flying are some of the areas that can be successfully treated in this form.  Suggestion therapy is best suited when help is needed to make changes to the person’s life, and where there isn’t really any underlying stress or anxiety causing the symptom.





Hypnoanalysis successfully treats emotional and psychological problems by treating the root cause of the client’s symptoms through the subconscious mind. These root causes have their origins in the past and are caused by repressed emotions that remain hidden from the conscious mind.  Emotional and psychosomatic problems respond particularly well with analytical therapy consequently relieving the symptoms within four to eight sessions compared to your average 3 or 4 year course of traditional psychotherapy. Phobias, anxiety, panic attacks and OCD are the most common problems addressed with hypnoanalysis. This form of therapy helps to find the origin of a symptom or problem and can remove it in a very safe, non-judgmental and supportive atmosphere, bringing lasting relief to the client. The therapy may entail regression to re-experience traumatic experiences in the past.  ‘When you feel it – you heal it’.


What to expect at your Hypnotherapy session


Each hypnotherapy session will be completely confidential, conducted in an atmosphere of security and trust.  The number of hypnotherapy sessions you will need depends on the issue and your motivation for change.  Most people need between two to eight sessions, however, everyone is different with different needs and issues.



A hypnotherapy session usually proceeds in four stages, namely Induction, Deepening, Therapeutic Intervention, Awakening.


A parent/guardian must accompany any patient under 18 years old.



Symptoms Effectively Treated Using Hypnotherapy

Pain management – Depression – Weight Management – Addictions – Increase Motivation – Self Esteem – Confidence – Eliminate Fears and Phobias – Anxiety – Insomnia – Stress Management – Relaxation Techniques – Smoking Cessation – Public Speaking – Enhanced Athletic Performance – Improve Concentration and Memory – Enhanced Creativity – Improve Health – Eating Disorders – Nail Biting and other Habits – and much much more…



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